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Going Green

Chateau Norm is committed to helping keep Haida Gwaii green, beautiful and sustainable through reducing, reusing and recycling.  We fully support and encourage environmental stewardship efforts and we offer the following environmentally friendly options for our guests:


  • guests reuse linens and towels unless they request otherwise

  • housekeeping staff are trained to environmental and COVID-19 Safety Standards

  • guest amenities use bulk/refillable containers

  • we have recycling and compost available in each unit

  • all toilets are low flow/low volume flush - and the suites in the Beach Cabin have composting toilets and warm-water bidets

  • we have a heat pump to ensure an environmentally friendly heat source

  • to reduce electrical dependance, we have a wood stove in the main house and propane stoves in
    the Beach Cabin, the Yurt House uses energy efficient electric heat.

  • in the main house we have a septic system and encourage efficient water and toilet paper use

  • we are on our own well, which has a double filtration system for crystal clear drinking water

  • the washer and dryer are Energy Star rated, as will be any new appliances purchased

  • we provide a complimentary canoe for guest use

  • we try to use as much locally grown food as possible

  • all windows are double pane

  • all suites are provided with reusable bags for guest use when shopping locally


Any questions or concerns about our environmental programs or service
quality will be responded to immediately and resolved as quickly as possible.

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