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Norm and Lori are pleased to welcome you to their home on Haida Gwaii.  Chateau Norm has been a labour of love since Norm first moved here in 2001.  First renting and then purchasing the property, he has a unique connection to it.  His old sailboat, a trimaran he sailed to Mexico in 1996, was designed and built by the same man who built Chateau Norm, and he did it on the property next door!  Norm met Lori in 2005, they got married in 2011, then sailed a catamaran to Hawaii for their honeymoon, and lived aboard for the year.

Norm has now retired from teaching Shop at the local high school to run Norm's Toy Shop - A Repair Joint, when not doing maintenance or renovations on Chateau Norm.

Lori worked as the Chief Administrative Officer for the Village of Daajing Giids when she first moved to Haida Gwaii in 2015, and now works as a contractor through Morale Consulting in addition to managing their vacation rentals.

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