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About Us

Meet the Owners

In addition to running Chateau Norm accommodations, Norm and Lori are avid electric bike riders.  Norm's other interests include running Norm's Toy Shop - an all purpose repair joint, sailing, cooking, and being a part-time paramedic.  Lori runs Morale Consulting and works from home as a consultant on a variety of leadership/management and human resource contracts.  

By far the most fun members of the household are Maya (the beautiful white and black Border Collie/Pit Bull), Scout (our Husky/Shiba Inu), and Fritz the piebald cat. They will greet you every day with enthusiasm and all three love cuddles.

Chateau Norm has been a labour of love for Norm and Lori, sprinkled liberally with years of renovations.  They both enjoy sharing what they have come to think of as a grown up summer camp with their guests.  The new Yurt House, located on a new property in the Village of Daajing Giids, is an exciting addition to their vacation rental offerings.

The couple is active in the local community and often volunteer to help out at events. They point out that being multi-vocational is just a way of life on Haida Gwaii. People are willing to rely on one another and this creates a communal atmosphere that is inclusive and fun. "We feel lucky there are so many opportunities for socialization on island."  Chateau Norm is proud to be both 420 friendly and pet friendly.

HAIDA GWAII - A little bit farther, but a whole lot more!

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